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Testimonials and Reviews

Thank you to all our lovely patients who’ve been brave enough to share their experiences here. It’s hard not to blush at the lovely feedback we get, but it’s important for us to spread the word about what we do and how we help our patients, as we want to help as many people as we can. People like these brave souls who have all experienced our treatment and service personally – and want to help us shout about it, so others don’t have to suffer in silence, waiting, hoping for the pain to ease.

A massive thank you to everyone who has been kind enough to give us a review, if you’d like to give us a review, or any feedback for that matter, we would love to hear from you. Please email us or fill in the contact form here, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.
P.S. We’ve anonymised these when asked, and the images aren’t of the people giving the reviews they just help make the page look pretty!

I had a spell in hospital with a very bad back. My chief concern was my restricted ability.
Some time later I went to my GP, he advised me to change to painkillers.
I decided then to go to an osteopath. I felt better from my first visit. I am now finding doing things so much easier. I would like others to enjoy this improvement I now have.


I was having difficulty breathing when I sent to see Ismet, and she diagnosed that a rib had moved out of position. After one session I could breathe better, and after two sessions I’d forgotten I’d ever been in pain. Amazingly, Ismet’s treatment had a knock on effect of making my lower back pain ease up. Ismet is very kind, very gentle and very effective.


A trapped nerve had me in extreme agony and on strong pain killers and muscle relaxants. Walking with extreme difficulty and only able to use one arm, I have had just three sessions at the clinic and am now near normal again. Careful manipulation and helpful advise.

Highly recommended.


This osteopathie centre is great. I highly recommend Ismet. She is lovely and knows her trade. I always have a great experience and leave feeling in better health than I was when I arrived.


I was suffering from really bad pelvic pains due to my pregnancy, could not walk or sleep and was off work. Nothing seemed to be working so I booked an appointment to see Ismet and after the first treatment I saw a huge difference. She recognised one of my pelvic bones has twisted forward and after my second treatment with her I felt amazing! I would definately recommend if you are suffering from pregnancy related pains!!


Ismet is a friendly and caring person. The practice is in a clean smart building and local to where I live. I feel very relaxed and enjoy when I go to my osteopath session. Would definitely recommend!


Ismet at Docklands Osteopathy Clinic is the best. Due to my job, being constantly on my feet I find that it has led to a lot of issues from postural problems to back aches to pinched nerves and migraines. After numerous GP visits, Hospital Visits and Physiotherapy sessions, my issues were still unable to be resolved and was at the point of being referred to Pain Management where I most likely would have been given a life sentence of taking pain killers regularly.

I went to Ismet and the rest was history. Ismet successfully resolved my issues and I’ve been going to her ever since. I find monthly maintenance sessions particularly helpful in preventing bigger problems from creeping back. Ismet is very friendly, really caring and knowledgeable. Thank you for looking after me Ismet! 

T Wang