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“Ismet takes real care of her patients, explains how to better take care of our spine and helps to manage pain levels. I always leave the treatment feeling lighter and happier!”


Osteopathic meeting line drawing

What can Osteopathy do?

Our osteopathy clinic in Docklands, Canary Wharf E14 is well-established and offers the highest standards of service and effective treatments for drug free pain relief.

Our osteopathy specialists can help with back painneck painsciatica and trapped nerves, muscle and joint pain, frozen shoulders, arthiritic pain and stiffnessinfantile colic to name just a few conditions that our osteopaths have helped with in the past few months.

It is the most frequently used complimentary therapy and was the first to gain statutory recognition so you know you are in safe hands; we aim to improve your health and well-being, relieving pain and stiffness so that you can get back to enjoying life!