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Pro Pil O and Harley Designer Pillows and Back Supports

Memory Foam Neck Support Pillows

PRO-PIL-O Support Pillow
Pro-pill-o pillow Internationally known neck support pillow. The soft contoured special foam keeps the head, neck and shoulders in a relaxed position during sleep.
Harley Original – Foam Pillow
Harley memory foam pillow Correct positioning is essential to ensure comfort and relief. The Harley Range of pillows has been tested in clinical practice over many years, making them the top selling professional orthopaedic pillows in the UK.
  • Conforms to your body
  • Even & balanced support
  • Stimulates circulation
  • Unrivalled comfort
  • Moulded polyurethane for extra support
Original Standard = £39.99
Original Lo-Line = £39.99
Original Plus = £41.99
Harley Designer – Memory Foam Pillow
Harley designer memory foam pillow Award winning comfort - The UK's top selling professional orthopaedic pillow. Its unique moulded shape coupled with the pressure relieving properties of memory foam has brought relief to many who have previously been denied a good nights sleep.
  • Anatomically shaped for correct alignment of the spine whether you sleep on your side or back
  • Relieves pain & relaxes muscles
  • Dissipates heat for extra comfort
  • Hand washable non allergenic
Designer Standard = £48.99
Designer Lo-Line = £48.99
Designer Plus = £54.99


Harley Designer Back Care Memory Foam Support
Harley Designer Back Care Memory Foam Support
  • Lumbar and lateral support
  • Visco-Elastic memory foam offers gentle support as it 'moulds as you move'
  • Reduces pressure areas
  • Unrivalled comfort
  • Elasticated buckled strap
Harley Designer Back Care Memory Foam Car Support
Harley Designer Back Care Memory Foam Car Support
  • Super slim
  • Moulded visco elastic memory foam offers gentle support as it 'moulds as you move'
  • Fits snugly into car seat
  • Adjustable fixing strap
  • Ideal for use in office
  • Elasticated buckled strap
All products are available for a home trial period of 2 weeks. Please ask at Reception.
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