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Hi Tech Myovision Computerised Spinal Technology
Since osteopaths work on your spine, which is located in the back, it is difficult for patients to see what the osteopath finds.  This is what makes the MyoVision so valuable.  You can actually see your spinal problems and how it affects your entire body.

Myovison was developed by a NASA trained researcher and originally developed for use by NASA to measure the effects of zero gravity and fatigue on their astronauts. It can mark an objective baseline of your condition at the beginning of care but, perhaps more importantly, it can serve as a way to accurately and impartially measure and show your progress. This helps both of us to know we are "hitting the mark" in getting the improvement we need to further your health goals.

Why does the osteopath administer these tests?

Spinal reading

Our purpose is to detect and pinpoint abnormal nervous system and muscle function that is not seen on X-ray's or MRI scans.  MyoVision examinations help us to locate areas of spinal nerve dysfunction.

The test we use is:

1. Surface Electromyography (sEMG)

This test measures the amount of activity (or inactivity) in the muscles surrounding the spine. It is similar in function to an ECG which measures heart muscle activity. Under normal conditions our spinal muscles should be balanced and free from tension. However, when someone is suffering from spinal misalignments, muscles become unbalanced and tense. The sEMG will measure these patterns but it is also able to not only target painful areas but detect areas of concern before the pain starts (similar to dentistry). These abnormal patterns in muscle activity may lead to early joint degeneration, nerve interference and disturb our overall wellbeing.

Once the scan is complete the computer displays the data in a graphical format that is easy to understand for the patient. We use the scan in conjunction with other tests to enable us to provide a more efficient evaluation of your spinal health and return the spine and surrounding muscles to proper health; it allows us to correctly outline a customised treatment plan just for you. More importantly, the osteopath performs an updated scan in order to analyse how your care has progressed and how the next phase of treatment goals should be tailored to correctly rehabilitate the spine, The 3G MyoVision is the absolute latest diagnostic tool and provides the highest technology available today for osteopathic spinal analysis.

General Questions

What does sEMG stand for?

sEMG stands for Surface Electromyography which is similar to an ECG for the heart.  Using a hand held instrument placed over the neck and back spinal muscles it identifies the exact location of abnormal muscle activity. It is painless, quick and most importantly, it helps us determine what further evaluations or tests may or may not be necessary.

Does it hurt?

Not at all. Unlike X-rays it’s totally non-invasive and does not cause pain or irritation. We don’t put anything into your body we just measure what comes out this makes it totally safe for infants, children, pregnant women or the elderly. It simply requires the placement of small probes against the skin. Our office uses the newest sEMG device, which is wirefree and can scan a full spine in less than 60 seconds.

Why is muscle activity important?

Muscles have a tendency to tense in response to spinal misalignments known as spinal lesions. These spinal lesions create nerve interference which may affect muscles, blood vessels and internal organs as well as joint degeneration.

Using Myovision, patients can be provided more than just an opinion and can see the results of long term care.

What do the results mean?

Colours indicate levels of tension: average are green, pink are moderately high, and red are high levels of tension. Yellow readings indicate abnormally low or fatigued muscles. Arrows indicate imbalance.

How does osteopathy affect my sEMG?

Osteopathic adjustment has many positive benefits to your nervous system. In most cases, the sEMG normalises and balances.

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bottom line
The MyoVision 3G Wirefree ™ System, designed by NASA Expert, David Marcarian, MA a has now been honored by the American Medical Association for Development of the most “advanced system for evaluating the spine” in history.
We are proud to be the first Osteopathic Clinic in the UK to be using space technology to provide computerised spinal examinations, so we can take the mystery out of neck and back pain.

Since osteopaths work on your spine, it is difficult for patients to see what the osteopath finds. This is what makes the MyoVision so valuable. You can actually see your spinal problems and how it affects your entire body.

This technology was developed for use by NASA to measure the effects of zero gravity and fatigue on their astronauts.

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