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Patient Testimonials
The following are real testimonials from genuine patients all of which are signed and dated.

The original versions also contain personal information of patients and in order for the clinic to comply with data protection legislation this information has been omitted. However the clinic maintains all original testimonials on file for reference.

“....Ismet has been putting me back together ...”
Over two years ago I began to search for a professional therapist after suffering an injury to both my knees, followed by physiotherapy treatment that had failed. I consulted a couple of different specialists before I finally met Ismet.

When I began my osteopathy treatment for the knee condition, it soon became apparent that I had some other underlying issues with my musculoskeletal system that related to bad posture, stiff neck and twisted pelvis.

During the entire time of therapy, Ismet has been putting me back together, and not only did she have my initial injury sorted out, but she has been repairing the other aforementioned problems.

I still see Ismet regularly as she helps me ensure that my posture and overall wellbeing are maintained.

Thank you - Ismet - for being so kind and caring, and for always making me feel safe during the treatment.
Ela, February 2015
“... the pains have stopped and I have much more movement...”
I first went to see the osteopath with back and neck problems which were causing me severe pain and restricting my movement, caused as a result of my work as a chef.

Since seeing Ben the pains have stopped and I have much more movement in my back, making work and everyday life much easier!
Peter, December 2010
“He proved a bit of a sceptic very wrong!....”
Following recurring neck problems I began to suffer constant lower backache after a car crash and was constantly taking pain killers. A colleague recommended I visit an osteopath to relieve the pain. I must admit to being a little sceptical at first.

Ben was very thorough and explained the use of each method of treatment and the potential outcome. He also gave me some light exercises to do at home and helped me understand and work towards correcting postural habits which exacerbate my neck and back pain.

The pain and stiffness in the joints and muscles is virtually non-existent following the treatment administered and I have been able to take control of the problem rather than let it control me. I am very grateful to Ben for all of his help, and he proved a bit of a sceptic very wrong!
Laura, December 2010
“....after receiving treatment the pain is less......." it has been a success and I would recommend it”
It all started about a year ago, I had a lot of pain in my lower back every time I woke up.

It got so bad I went to the doctor and they sent me for x-rays and put me on a course of pain killers. This didn’t help and the doctor said that there isn’t anything else that he could do.

That’s when I was recommended to go to the osteopath by a family member.

The team were very understanding and after my examination it turned out that most of my spine was painful. After receiving the treatment the pain is less and I am able to sleep for longer periods it has been a success and I would recommend it.
Darren, September 2010
“....Told by my doctor I would just have to live with back pain”
After several years of back pain, 2 back operations, numerous steroid injections and lots of different pain killers, I was told by my doctor that I would just have to learn to live with my lower back pain.

Everyday tasks would be so painful I couldn’t sleep, I needed help getting dressed and it could take me over 20 minutes to get up each morning, some days I couldn’t even get into my car but worst of all I couldn’t lift my 4 year old son. I was not ready to give up my life with a young family so as a last resort searched for ‘back pain’ on the internet. I called Eltham Osteopathy Clinic and the receptionist squeezed me in the same day. However, when I arrived and saw the stairs I almost turned and went away! But I struggled on and was met by a friendly face and was made to feel at ease.

Paul took time to listen to me and examined me thoroughly and he actually believed I was in pain. He then informed me he could make me pain free. After my first 3 sessions I didn’t feel there was any improvement, I certainly wasn’t pain free, but I kept with the programme and gradually started to notice subtle changes like I could walk to the shops and back without needing to sit down, but the greatest day of all was when my son came running at me and instead of cringing with pain I just bent down and scooped him up. I can recommend Paul to anyone who has back pain, he has given me back my life and I am so grateful I found such a caring Clinic.
Deborah – July 2010
“....By the third session I had stopped taking the painkillers and was able to stand on the 20 minute commute to work”
The past 2 years have been a nightmare, I was suffering from intense pain in both hips and lower back, I had numbness in my legs and face, bad coordination and spent a lot of time using a walking stick as I was prone to falls – my legs were like jelly after standing for only a few minutes.

At first my doctor sent me to a physiotherapist but that just made matters worse and that led my doctor to suspect MS so he referred me to a neurologist, who in turn sent me for countless MRI scans, a lumber puncture and an eye revoke test. It took 18 months to conclude that it wasn’t MS. I was getting neurologist appointments every 6 months and during the time in between my doctor would only treat me with stronger and stronger pain killers refusing to look into any other treatment. In the end I was on morphine which was making me sick if I forgot to take just one, I was hardly eating or sleeping. My husband had started sleeping in the spare room as every time he moved in the night I would wake in pain. I had hit a deep depression; I was taking so many tablets that if I had been able to jump I guess I would have rattled!

It was thanks to a friend who had been talking about sending his son to an osteopath for treatment on an ankle that led me to investigate osteopathic treatment. I was desperate for an end to pain and I was willing to try anything.

I was apprehensive on that 1st day, the doctors had failed me and I knew little about what was about to happen. In all honesty I really didn’t expect anything, the doctors were bandying around all sorts of theories, some very scary and this just seemed to be too simple. Paul did many of the neurological tests that I had had done at the hospital, I thought at the time that was a good sign. He understood what I was trying to explain and was quick to pinpoint the real problem areas and when he said he was sure that he could get me pain free I believed it. In those 20 minutes he had gained my confidence and I’m not a gullible person.

The sessions were intense and I won’t deny some of it was painful at times but as I improved and muscles relaxed it got easier and the changes happened so fast. The numbness went first, completely in my legs and noticeably in my face and I was even able to walk home pain free and that was the first session. By the third I had stopped taking the painkillers and was even able to stand on the 20 minute commute to work, something I hadn’t done in ages. I’ve now got to get used to the husband’s snoring again but you can’t have everything!

I’ve still got a way to go, after all it was left untreated for so long but I feel so much better, happier in myself and I’m looking forward to getting back to exercising so I can regain my fitness and not feel like an old lady anymore! I am looking forward to going back to the doctor to tell him too, I hope he takes note and uses the option of sending others to an osteopath for treatment, the more people who know they don’t have to live with the pain the better. I know I’ll be telling everyone what it’s done for me.
Helen, June 2010
“....an operation was suggested, I needed an alternative solution”
An operation was suggested to correct numbness in my hands allegedly caused by carpel tunnel syndrome. Concerned at the potential side effects, I looked for an alternative solution and contacted my osteopath, Paul Musk. He soon established that my problem was in fact tennis elbow and following a course of treatment there has been a substantial improvement.

I would recommend osteopathy not only for the solution to specific ailments but also the holistic approach which promotes a general feeling of well being.
"....my back problems have been resolved..."
I had suffered for many years with my lower back aching and going into spasm. I could not stand for more than five minutes without my back tightening up causing all kinds of problems. I also had a problem lying flat on my back as this would cause the back to tighten up as well.
After attending the Eltham Osteopathy Clinic, following an accident to my ribs, I told Paul of my back problems and after a year of ongoing treatment, my back problems have been resolved.
I can stand for very long periods without the back tightening up. I have even carried out gardening and this too has been a joy, with no back pain at all. I can also lay flat on my back now with no problem.
I have been so pleased with the treatment that I have received and will continue with regular visits to make sure my back remains in good shape.
"....I am now virtually pain free the whole time..."
I have a congenital condition called spina bifida occulta which basically means the base of my spine is not properly formed and when the facet joints 'shift' which they do from time to time, can cause agonising pain. After a really bad flare up when my G.P. could offer no further assistance other than pain killers which are of limited use, in desperation I consulted Paul, the osteopath. Amazingly his manipulation of my spine and lower back have helped me enormously and I am now virtually pain free the whole time and now on a maintenance programme to monitor for continued progress. I would recommend osteopathy whole heartedly and only wish I have begun it years ago.
"....after first consultation, 80% of the pain was gone"
Having sprained my lower back whilst playing tennis, I was in agony for 3 months. The pain was so bad that I had an x-ray to check for structural damage but none was revealed.
On the recommendation of a friend, I visited Paul Musk, though I was very sceptical.
After the first consultation with Paul, 80% of the pain was gone and 100% of the movement was restored
He was brilliant!
"....muscle damage, developed a limp"
Before visiting the Eltham Osteopathy Clinic I was suffering from muscle damage in my left groin and had developed a limp. Before this I had been a very active person and felt this to be my last resort.
Not so, it really should have been my first as I feel I can now carry on life as before.
"....after each treatment I had a lot of relief"
My first treatment with Paul was for lower back pain and difficulty getting out of bed with pain on straightening up and also pain getting out of a chair after sitting for say an hour.
Paul started my treatment with lots of "oh's" and "ah's" from me when he found the exact spots of pain. After each treatment I had a lot of relief and I thank Paul for making my back much better enabling me to exercise, dance etc.
Thank you Paul.
"....back to full mobility"
I had suffered from mild lower back pain for a long time which massage and other treatments had not rectified.
After several treatments at the Docklands Osteopathy Clinic, I noticed a marked improvement and after successive treatment I am back to full mobility.
".....I cannot recommend osteopathy highly enough."
I awoke one morning to find that my back had literally seized up overnight and I could hardly get out of bed. I knew that I needed professional help so I got the Yellow Pages out and found the Eltham Health Clinic. They agreed to see me straight away and I arrived in absolute agony, not able to straighten my back at all. The problem was quickly diagnosed and after some gentle manipulation I left the Clinic in a lot less discomfort. A programme of treatment was outlined for me and several months later I am back leading a fit and active life.
I cannot recommend Osteopathy highly enough.
"....lower back pain, crumbled disc"
I have suffered lower back pain for many years due to a crumbled disc; this over time caused more probIems to top of back, neck and shoulder.
After a previous bad experience with another osteo I was reluctant to go. Then a friend recommended Paul, so I have in and took the plunge.
The initial visit was comfortable and reassuring. My back problem was fully explained in a diagram and a treatment plan was drawn up between myself and Paul.
Since receiving and finishing my designated treatment, I am pain free and movement easier. Therefore I am continuing with further intermittent treatment to prevent the reassurance of pain.
"....I was a bit scared"
My name is Jean.
I had never been to an osteopath until March '07. I was a bit scared as I didn't know what to expect, but I was in a lot of pain with my back and tablets from my local GP hadn't helped.
After a couple of sessions I felt so much better. I now go about every couple of months. Paul the osteopath makes you feel so at ease and he is so easy to talk to. I would recommend this treatment to anyone with back pain as after my treatment I feel so much better, also my movements are easier and I sleep much better.
"....arthritis in my neck"
When I developed arthritis in my neck and started to experience quite bad headaches I decided to try osteopathy.
I had an initial consultation with the osteopath, Paul Musk, and it was concluded that I could benefit from treatment.
The results have been good, it is no longer painful to turn my head and the headaches have stopped.
As arthritis does not go I still have periodic treatments to keep the condition under control.
".....suffered with back pain for many years"
I have suffered with back pain for many years, and each time turned to painkillers to help relieve it. However the last time I was in so much pain I could hardly walk and I was advised by a relative to visit an Osteopath rather than keep taking tablets. After the first couple of visits to Paul I felt so much better and was amazed when I heard all the things that were wrong with my back. Now at the end of my treatment I feel wonderful and if I ever have a problem in the future, I would not think twice about going back for more treatment. I have since recommended the clinic to anyone I know who is suffering with a back problem.
"....hardly anymore headaches"
The treatment was amazing, I can now move well without pain, hardly anymore headaches and can sleep well which was unbearable some nights and very restless.
All in all a very good experience and very worthwhile. I can't thank you enough.
"....severe back spasm"
I had severe back spasm for three years affecting my right leg all the way down affecting my foot.
My own GP sent me for an x-ray. The results came back saying it was just wear and tear, with that I was prescribed pain killers that never helped with the pain.
I decided to see an osteopath and just on my first visit with the treatment and also some helpful information I started to get some relief from the pain.
I now go regularly on a monthly visit and for long periods I am completely free of pain.
"....bad back, restricted ability"
I had a spell in hospital with a very bad back. My chief concern was my restricted ability.
Some time later I went to my GP, he advised me to change to painkillers.
I decided then to go to an osteopath. I felt better from my first visit. I am now finding doing things so much easier. I would like others to enjoy this improvement I now have.
These are just a few of the genuine testimonials we have received from patients at our London osteopathy clinic in Docklands E14.
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